Finaly the date has arrived for my long awaited book Escorting Sydney to hit the shelves. Within hours of publication it quickly gained rave reviews. "filthy & funny". "This book is not to be put down". "Brilliant funny & sexy"


Are just some of the reviews this book has recieved @Amazon 




Introducing Sydney: 


Pretty is an apt description, an exclusive word that just about sums up Sydney. Pretty plain, pretty overweight and pretty devastated when she finds her sister in bed with her boyfriend.


Can life get any worse? Sydney doesn’t think so until she mistakes a billionaire property developer for the male escort she’s hired.


Logan is only too keen to introduce her into his world, fulfilling all her deepest sexual fantasies. The ones she’s stored into the dark recesses of her mind. Under the compartment called filth, shackled with the chains she has dreamed of.



If you enjoyed Escorting Sydney check out the follow up Shadow play, you wont be dissapointed.