Its gives me great pleasure to announce the final instalment in The Doms of Drakos trilogy, One night in Heaven.


Zander will never give up searching for the woman of his dreams. The Angel he met on a warm sunny afternoon long ago. She came to him, loved him, then cruelly left him—as  if she had never existed.

 He began to believe she was a gift from God, a taste of heaven. Showing him what he could have, before his happiness was snatched away.


Heaven wakes to darkness; she doesn’t know who or where she is.   

Her mind is a blank canvas of fear. Strange voices wash over her, whispered and bemused. She sucks in her breath, terror rolling over her. Her new life begins at that moment, a shadowy world in a stale rancid room.  Four years later Zander walks into a BDSM club. He’s been assigned to look for a particular woman. But what he discovers is a nightmare—one that is about to make him question his every belief.


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