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Some questions that I have been asked via Facebook on twitter, do you have a question ? Then ask away....



Whats your favourite characters


          The Wolfsong Trilogy (Lullaby Requiem and Soul) is an erotic romance set in the fantasy genre, with red hot vampires and cute werecats. I adore the supernatural and had just finished a book about a rather cheeky ghost when the idea evolved about vampires, three brothers and suddenly along came their missing sister. I didn’t originally intend it to be a trilogy, I fell in love with my characters and  got carried away. I had a lot of tears and laughter writing Wolfsong and love it.


 What sort of horror do you like?


         I was brought up in the era of Bram Stoker, and then followed the vampire diaries etc and I discovered a real empathy with them. Along with the fact I can give rein to my imagination.


      What do you reasearch ? 


         My research delved mainly into mythology, particularly Celtic, research is a favourite part of my writing. I love new discoveries and squirrel away any snippet of information.


 What does Ellen do daily


        A typical day is getting home from work and an evening of solid writing, I tend to go for about 4/5 hour stretches. On the weekend it can be from the time I get up till about 9 at night. My problem is setting enough time for other things.


    Whats your hardest part of writing


        for me  is  the first edit. For some reason I feel extremely nervous waiting to discover just how much work is still in front of me and what glaring mistakes I’ve made.



    Whats the good bits of writing


        Best part of being an author is reading great reviews, but as I’m new to this I’ll keep this question in mind a few years down the line.



   What are you working on this Month


         Currently I’m working on a rather naughty demon who’s determined to redeem a bracelet worn by whacky heroine  Liberty. She’s more concerned about the curse her aunt has put on her. Ten years is a long time to go without sex and when she finally discovers a man that can make love to her, it turns out to be the rat that stole her virginity and walked out on her.


 Any hits or tips


         My advice to aspiring writers is never give up, I could paper a house with the amount of rejections I received. Treat each one as a learning curve, if you’re given advice act on it, because these guys know the craft best. Well most do, I’ll reserve judgement on one particular publicist.











Top five fantasy characters.
In Wolfsong Lullaby got to be Quest, Vampire, followed by Werelion Chaya, A sneaky shape shifters Siku  then bad boy Tacona the Skinwalker, and finally The Sicara (my half wolf soldiers)







What do your friends and family think of you writing erotic fiction




My friends and family are very proud of me as for the younger members of the extended family they are to young to read erotic fiction ha ha