A selection of my reviews

His girl Friday

Every part of this story is lovely!

Funny feelings? Check.
Swoon-worthy male lead? Check.
Perfect damsel in distress female lead? Check.

I read His Girl Friday in just one sitting. I can't help it! It's the kind of story that you wouldn't want to leave. I really like the ugly duckling turned swan theme. It is very typical but once in awhile, the feels of the stories themed on this feels like a breath of fresh air.

A ghost of an affair

Overall - 4.5 stars
Equal parts “Bridget Jones' Diary”, “Ghost”, and erotic fantasy. This book is like finding a secret stash of Cadbury's on a bad day.

Fantasy World - 5 stars
Dialect is perfect. Scenery is so vivid you'll find yourself craving a curry and chips.

Tingle - 5 stars
Holy shit! If I had known ghosts fucked like that, I would have bought a Ouija board 20 years ago.


loved this book and couldn't put it down!!! Jessilyn is a virgin well sort of she has never been with a man only her toys. He friend gets a sex weekend for her birthday.

When she gets to the town of the club she decides to grab something to eat first at a fast food restaurant that where she get her first glimpse of a vampire. While trying to escape they follow and she wrecks her car into a tree. Luckily Rune finds her first and carries her to the club. Rune hasn't taken a sub in all the years he has run the club so why is this girl so different that he cant stand the thought of anyone else touching her. When the weekend ends will Rune be able to give her back or will the secret she is holding make everything turn upside down?

I am absolutely in love !