Introducing Shadow play the second in the trigiolgy the Doms of Drakos






Two people, two damaged paths, two halves coming together.


He swears to heal every splintered piece of pain with a
loving kiss. Bound to her by unspoken chains. But can he put the past aside long enough to forgive himself?


So, the great artist, fantastic lover and hapless shrink, wanted to know the reasons she suffered horrific nightmares She’d give him something to think about. An incentive to keep well away from her.


“Bad enough I guess.”

Raising her chin, she challenged him to fix it. “I killed my father.”

For five long years she’d suffered. But that part of her life was over, firmly buried in the past. Only it wasn’t quite. There was still a vital piece of the jigsaw that was missing.

The one she always managed to stay one step ahead of. It lingered eating into her soul.

And she knew that one day it would catch up with her.



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I found this book a bit on the dark side a few twists and turns,but loved
it. Couldn't put it down as I wanted to know what was happened next. Nothing like the 1st book in the series but a lot better......For such a small girl she is 1 tough lady,can't wait for the 3rd book that should be out at the end of the month will defiantly be recommending this book to my friends