12th April

Hope everyone is having a great Easter, busy here as ever ! New material being written as we speak. Watch out for some exciting short stories I am working on, more details to follow.

The weather is finally moving onto spring mode, the lighter nights are so much better for doing things both inside and outside. So now I have no excuse to start tiding up the garden after the long dark winter.

Anyway signing off for now dont forget my latest offering is wolfsong requiem available from the 18th of April !

30th Jan 2015

Well exciting news, my first short story Mirror Image has been contracted to Passion in  Print, with more to follow. It’s about a ghostly encounter both past and present and of course hot. It felt strange not writing a full length novel, but nice strange. It was also challenging making every word count and yet another learning curve. So expect several more of these wicked little gems to appear.

Also the follow up to Wolfsong Lullaby, Wolfsong Requiem will be coming soon, along with Quinn and my darling Ethan. Whilst appropriately on Valentine’s Day Love on the Menu will be released which is set on the glorious Brecon beacons, thought I’d share a little bit of welsh heritage with my readers.


I see that the white stuff promised to America wasn’t so bad after all, whilst we’re all hoping to see some snow. It never ceases to amaze me how the shelves clear so quick as if we’re going to be snowed in for weeks. Another thing that I can’t understand is why do other countries carry on without a break in routine, whilst the UK comes to a standstill with  a dusting LOL Its nuts, bread and milk sold out. Well I bought my supplies last night, just in case, a sack of dog food, vodka and coke. I’ve got my priorities right.

And now I’ll leave you to wait and see what the weather brings, and in the meantime, a belated Happy New Year to you all.

Jan 1st 2015


Wishing you the very best for the 2015 .....

12th October


Okay this is the hardest thing I've ever had to write, and for the first
time ever  I'm struggling to put words to paper.

I've lost both my darling Tia, and my incredible Ace. I'm sitting
writing this and the tears aren't stopping. Yet how can they after the
devotion of my dear friends, babies call them what you like, but I loved
them both so much. There's a lot I want to say, but the pain is too
intense, each memory brings a sadness that can't be described. Well yes, it can its the utter desolation of losing a member of your family a
cherished sweetheart. A coldness chills myheart, afraid to think because of the memories that smash into you. Each happy thought dissolving into the depths of pain, missing them with an agonising desperation.

I knew this day would come soon, both had lived to an extent beyond what I'd hoped Tia would have been twelve this year and my big boy Ace eleven. They both had a good life,and were  loved to death, yet God it hurts, the pain when I had to make the decision to have them put to sleep. I held Tia her beautiful eyes didn't waver from mine until she passed over, and my big boy Ace well, he was ready, I talked to him patted him and held him listening to his breathing, until it stopped.
And then my heart broke because he's taken such a chunk of me with him.

I don't think I'll ever get over it. My talking Malamute who will live
forever as Moses in A Walk in The Park, a novel out next year. And one
that I'll be in tears editing as all his memories come back, of his
grumpiness his wicked cheeky romps, and his huge heart that reached out to everyone.

I cant' say any more because the tears are coming too fast, but I urge
you all to love your babies while you still can, because too soon,
they'll be taken from you.  Please, give them a kiss from me, say a
prayer to Tia my first malamute, a lady that taught me so much, and Ace a thug a darling and a giant mal that loved life. Too soon both taken from me.

RIP Tia and Ace love you babies.



7th October


Exciting times ahead, Song of the Dragon by HD March is out on sale on Passion in Print, it came out a week ago. I’m really excited about working with PIP who have accepted another two of my paranormal works, my latest vampire bad boys Rune and Wolfe, will let you know when they become available.




And today my latest by Ellen March A Ghost of an Affair has been released on Amazon both as e-pub and hard back. Ghost will also be appearing on the site of K D Grace, Things that go Hump in the Night. Take the time to stop on by because for the month of October she’s holding a party of witchy fun and everything to do with paranormal. On each date a different author will be promoting their book with excerpts, blogs and free give away. The date for Ghosts appearance will be 29th October, just in time for Halloween. So please pay Breece a visit. He’s my hot ghost that changes the life of Grace McGillis forever.




Review Companies




MR Review
Rating: 4 *****


Reviewer: Alberta


Grace is in an affair with Sage, a doctor who appears to have everything she wants in a mate. However, he is controlling, unimaginative in bed, and somewhat OCD about almost everything.


She allows her friend to conjure up a ghost when they work an Ouija board together, and suddenly, Breece is showing her what she has been missing with the doctor. Breece is perfect, except he’s dead.


There doesn’t seem to be any way for Grace and Breece to be together, except for Grace to die, too.


I loved Breece, hated Sage, and worried about Grace while I read A Ghost of an Affair. I liked the characterization, the twist at the end, and I think you will, too.



24th August


Well its officially Autumn in my books, don't know what happened to
August but hell I've never known it to be so cold in this particular
month. Goodbye summer hello winter dark nights and rainy days.

A bit of sad come happy news, my boy Ace is on his last, he's going on
day by day, his hips have become the bane of his life. BUT, thanks to
Leanne, EVERYONE thats read any of my books will know of her, anyway my rock gave me some brilliant advice, as usual. And a daily supplement of Glucosimine and Cod Liver oil have turned my geriatric dog into a spritely chicken. Yep I know its short term, he's twelve stone of dog knocking on for eleven, in theory he should have died two years ago !


The old codger is going strong, and at least with this medication he's
having some quality of life and its putting a bounce into his step,
albeit for a short while. But I know and value the fact he's only with
me for a short while, however I'm a coward and prey he'll die in his
sleep. Its only now I can share the fact my Tia was put to sleep early
this year, again eleven, and soooo sadly missed.


 RIP my baby you taught  me so much and I'll never forget you.

Anyway on a brighter note and beside my woes I've been extra busy on the writing side, going over the ARC copy of A Ghost of An Affair, God but Breece is soooo sexy, and just finished editing Master of Fantasy, and some of those scenes still make me hot and steamy, also awaiting Rune to come in for editing, and recently finished the follow up The Reluctant Soul Mate, and its a hoot. And in between now working on Snowdrops in Summer, a real tear jerker.

So safe to say these few days are just a tad busy, and I wouldn't have
it any other way.




17th August


Had a great day with friends at a dog show, lovely to see all those beautiful dogs. for those that say the dogs don't enjoy it it I can assure you they do, my friends dog for example provided great entertainment for us all chasing her tail & being a clown.


The judge must have liked her as she went on to win her class ! To celebrate we all stopped off and had lunch in a country pub, dog & all  !!!


9th July




Well anyone that knows me will laugh if I say I’m computer savvy, trust me. So it was a complete shock that I actually managed to get myself on Manic Readers, it really has got to be user friendly if I achieved it. I even managed to upload a photo and ask for a review on Wolfsong Lullaby, so now waiting for the scary part -  what they think. Whoever reads it, I really hope they enjoy because I love that book, well all three actually. Yet even though I wrote it, I still can’t get through Wolfsong Requiem without crying.




Anyway I digress back to the world of IT.




When I key in some promotional sites I wish that they would realize that there are dummies like me out there and be gentle with us LOL Recently I decided to bomb a lot of review sites, but several I couldn’t e-mail because it gave me a choice of what system I use then to put a password in? What system I ask myself, and passwords are a nightmare to me. I’m renowned for losing them, so couldn’t offer my books to those sites. Also I have a low tolerance of patience with inanimate objects, and tend to blame my laptop for any and everything, crazy I know but that’s me.  At the moment I’m trying to get on Goodreads, and have just been told I’m already on there. Can’t work that site though, maybe need a few voddies to chill out and have a go again. Why can’t writing be easy, well actually that’s the fun part, this marketing and promoting is the one that gives me a headache.




Tonight I’m editing Rune, my handsome vamp, he’s my dream man, although Lycan LeBron is rather dishy as well.  Unfortunately, then its back to the cold world of IT searching the net for easy sympathetic sites for poor dumb writers that can’t think straight. LOL

29th July


Here we are the end of the month already I cannot believe how fast this month has gone !!! Here in wales we have had a spell of the most wonderful weather. Not that I enjoy sitting in the sun because I dont, however I do enjoy writing in my kitchen with the patio doors open & a nice warm breeze blowing through. Also of course the smells of flowers and plants all adds to the effect. Enjoy it while we can I say the nights are already drawing in and the nip of autumn will be around the corner soon enough !

15th June


Look out for my blog on K D Grace’s website on 23rd June about Wolfsong Lullaby which is released on 21st June, a week on Saturday!!!!!  Can’t wait to see it soooo excited and I just adore the cover, its perfect. It’s the second time Kathy has been kind enough to listen to my ramblings, this time as H D March. Also A Song of a Dragon has been accepted by Passion in Print,  edits beginning next week.  I do love my sassy fairy Elspeth because she’s one evil bitch.


Not only is Wolfsong making an appearance but so is My Girl Friday, following swiftly behind 1st July by Fanny Press, my second book with them. Fingers crossed it will be as successful as Promises. A blog tour has been arranged for the end of June and July. My interview with Cherra / Bookie can be found on line later in the month. Again I can’t fault the covers, Roman looks lush, exactly as I pictured him.


Anyway Its all go, sending out adverts on Facebook and also on Lucy Felthouse’s website. Tweets going mad. Doing what I can to promote my books, and just decided its got to be the hardest part, getting a name out there. I’m stubborn and committed so hope I’m getting through. But it frustrates me,  yep it’s a whinge, because it takes be away from my stories. But, its like the dreaded synopsis, marketing is a must and has to be done. So really speaking I should be eternally grateful that that a publisher thinks my books are good enough to put out there, in other words I should shut my mouth and get on with it....









25th May


Today we are launching our new competition to win a copy of Ellen's latest novel Promises.

To enter please like & share our facebook page & guess how many books are in the book case leaving your answer on the page.

Its as simple as that !!...

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Winner will be picked at random & announced 01\06\14 * UK entrants only with a maximum entry of 5 guesses*




19th May


So excited to see Wolfsong Lullaby coming out next month, the first of my trilogy, with Passion in Print, Requiem and Soul following .  I love the paranormal aspect of writing. Heck I love writing full stop. Just completed my Song of a Dragon and adore Elspeth the fairy everyone should hate but can’t.  And Troy, heck no-one will be able to think of angels as pure ever again Greylan is my awesome dragon shifter who takes a shine to heroine Raven until he discovers who she is. And does what any self-respecting Dragon would do, kidnaps her.



Already my thoughts are swirling with vampires Rune and Wolfe, each of them will be given their own book, can’t wait to get started.


Just a reminder coming out on 1st July is His Girl Friday, with Fanny Press  - October 1st A Ghost of an Affair followed by Master of Fantasy 15th January and Walk in the Park 1st April.


More dates to follow, will update as soon as I get them.




10th May



Great fun was had with the caption competion, I couldnt decide a winner so I picked two ! I now know them to be Dawn & Mark so thank you both your books will be on their way shortly !




Check back in a few days where you will have the chance to win another copy of my latest book Promises.




28th April


Well its official, I really hate the dreaded synopsis. It’s got to be the only part of writing that I dislike. I wish I could just scribble down a blurb, giving a brief outline. I don’t know why this chore strikes the fear of god into me. But it does. I think I take longer trying to do a two to five page synopsis than I do writing the entire novel. What do other writers think of it, I don’t think I’m alone in my dislike of them. LOL




Anyway this has come about because I’m doing one on Song of the Dragon, which is now complete and I loved the editing of it. Think that and research has to be my favourite part of writing. I’ve read recently how some writers have several WIP on the go. I admire them, but couldn’t do that, I need to get one out of the way before moving onto the next. Although to be fair, I’ve already got the idea and characters for my next book. And again as usual getting really excited, creating my characters, selecting their names, I love to work out how they look, their personalities along with wicked idiosyncrasies. And not forgetting the plot. Basically I drift off into another realm, no longer on this earth, but mixed up with evolving my fantasy.




I’m doing one final edit on Dragon, printed it out in hard copy, its surprising what I pick up from that which I miss on a laptop. And then my itching fingers will get stuck into the next book. Yes!!!!

6th April


So excited that the first of my Wolfsong series is out in May, can't
wait and cant' thank my editor Gail enough. Lullaby will be followed by
Requiem and Soul. The three books are an intense rollercoaster of lust
love and pain. And I adore every character, my biggest problem is when I'm in tears writing certain scenes. I can't help it, I become part of them.


Their characters often lead me on differect tangents taking me
away from my path. Their own personaities take over my thoughts,
replacing everything and I have to go with them. I don't know if any
other writer experiences this or its just me, but I can't stop myself.

Anyway, I love the fantasy element that HD March creates and I've
started a new book Song of The Dragon. and am loving it. My wicked fairy in this is a right bitch, everyone is so not as they should be. Yet
somehow you come to love her. Its a book thats designedto make you
laugh. Full of humour love and tension. And of course some rather sexy


Horny Lycans, Sexy Dragons and Randy Vampires. Only a human could be spoilt for choice!



21st March


Great to hear that His Girl Friday is next up, available for pre-order
on Amazon US, its out on the 1st of July followed by Forty Something,
another wickedly hot and oh so funny novel.

I loved writing His Girl Friday, everything about Sally ticks a box in
someone, and the handsome Roman is a guy to die for. You really root for Sally, feel every emotion, yet despite Roman's hardness he has a hot sexiness that torches everything. I enjoyed the humor, and how she turned his senses around. How he was so used to absolute obedience, and yet Sally  in her own determined way showed him she wouldn't bow to servitude.

The whole story consists of  a bitter sweet love affair. And
how can we forget Paul the gay gardener, he turns into Sally's
protector. And clips her ugly duckling wings, turning her into a swan.
One that Roman wants until he discovers who she really is.




7th March




Okay I’m name dropping, amazing to watch the working group and point out people I know. Pleased to see Simon Molloy win BOB along with Nicola Singh and amazing for Sue Smith to win the pastoral group with her stunning Samoyed. Away to go girl, you deserve it, been in the game long enough. Can’t wait to watch Best in  Show on Sunday now I know someone in it. 


I absolutely loved Jason,(can’t pronounce his full name) what a super mover, he’s everything I adore in a mal, also liked the rottie, what a beautiful dog and so happy. Still can’t quite get used to them having tails, I do prefer them docked but not getting into that argument LOL Wasn’t’ keen on the little dog that came second, if I owned that couldn’t work out whether to brush it or polish it. But a nice line up and a super working group to pick from.


Only thing I wish is that the TV producers would concentrate on the fact it’s a dog show, where people SHOW their dogs. There’s too much agility and fly ball, and to be honest there’s only so much time you can spend watching a dog catch a ball. Yeah he’s caught a ball, oops there goes another one, and another yawn. Why don’t they do a separate programme for that side of it because obviously it has a following but at least I can sit down and watch what I enjoy. Which is a DOG SHOW. There, that’s my little rant over.





24th Feb


Okay this isn’t about writing or books. Well maybe someone could write about the rules of dog ownership.


I’ve owned a variety of dogs for more years than I care to remember. I loved each and every one as part of the family. But one thing I never forgot was that they were an animal. No matter how we try to attribute human mannerisms in them.


They are first and foremost an animal that acts on instinct. Each breed has an intrinsic part bred in them. GSD’s guard, although at one time they herded, and have been relegated from working to pastoral.  Corgi’s were cattle dogs, nipping at the heels, and I remember  ours doing much the same. Malamutes have an incredibly strong prey drive and become so focussed you’d be wasting your breath trying to recall them once they’re off on a chase. Which is one reason they shouldn’t be released unless in a controlled environment.




What I fail to understand is why people don’t do their research on their chosen breed. The amount of new owners with their Siberian Husky off the lead is shocking, mention they won’t return and the smug smile appears. They assure me they have full control, that the inbred need to run isn’t in theirs, and ignore the advice off responsible sibe owners. And then you see the signs on the lamp post. Missing, and I shake my head, will people never learn? Or they purchase a dog because its been abused and they feel sorry for it.


The problem is you don’t know what could trigger fear in that animal, and how it could react. And I’m sorry but where children are involved you have to be 110% sure that the animal you are fetching into your home is safe. Over the last few years its heart breaking to read about the amount of children maimed or killed by certain breeds.




I don’t know why this is occurring on such a large scale, years ago it didn’t happen. Maybe the odd nip from a terrier, but not to this extent. Is it certain breeds that are now in the UK, bred for fighting? I don’t know, because Mals are generally known for their sweet disposition with people and children. Note I said generally NOT ALWAYS. I just hope that sensible legislation can be fetched in to avoid any more of these tragedies. Because its not the dog.  It’s the owners responsibility at the end of the day to ensure they are motored and controlled. My 12  year old Malamute bitch Tia hates children with a passion, there’s no reason except they scare her and she reacts, so simple, she’s never ever allowed near a child. The remaining four adore people and children, yet they are never ever left alone with them. It pays to err on the side of caution, ALWAYS.


13th Feb


I was recently interviewed by Lucy Felthouse for her website Erotica for all all full details can be found here:

Interview By Lucy



Beautiful wolf pic
Beautiful wolf pic

8th Feb


So pleased to have my vampire trilogy Wolfsong accepted by the well
known Passion in Print. It was a huge achievemnet to become part of
Laura's family.  I'm truly honoured and looking forward to working
with my editor Gail Martin. The Wolfsong series is a romantic rollercoaster of lust, love, and passion.

My handsome DeClare brothers are to die for, dark and mysterious Quest and  Draven, two testostorone hunks of power,  along with sweet baby Krish. A blond body of absolute bliss, fiesty Werelion Chaya it makes an interesting mix. Especially when a skinwalker and a curse from years ago merge. it causes them to re-evaluate their beliefs, to question their faith.

We've got the sweet Lullaby, the painful Requim and the haunting
Soul. Eventually it comes to a finale, one of which is heartbreaking yet


Dare you see it to the end? Available soon H. D March



the new malabud flower
the new malabud flower

6th Feb


Just though I would share this pic with you, my Alaskan Mlamaute Tegan decided to do a bit of gardening & border rearranging.


The joys of dog ownership :)

ace at the beach
ace at the beach

4th Febuary


What an earth is going on with this weather here in the UK all we seem to have is weather warnings rain & floods a nightmare at the moment ! Anyone who knows me are aware that my dogs come first, so keeping them dry & walking them in the weather presents us with a challenge each time we venture out the door !!


Picture shows Ace on a beach walk in the grey & drizzle 10 years of age & still going strong.



Whose a big boy
Whose a big boy

2nd Feb



This is my big boy Ace, trust me appearances are deceptive. He’s the  Victor Meldrew of dogs, really miserable and always wants things his way. And topping twelve stone I can’t really argue with him. Instead he has to be coaxed and cajoled into where I want him. But I love him to bits.



He’s also rather vocal. Speaks on command, but once started won’t shut up. His woo woo’s are legendary, he’s known as the talking dog of Cefn by the school kids. They adore him. And yes he becomes a sweet cuddly lovable bear with them.


He’s reputedly an Alaskan Malamute, or so it says on his pedigree. However call me suspicious but I do wonder about his background LOL  When I took him up to Scotland, he filled the boot of my Volvo. We stayed overnight at a travel lodge they wanted to charge xtra for the dogs. Taryn came with us as well. Ever tried to sneak past reception with a talkative lump of a dog without paying? But hey, we did it. Although I won’t be going back to that particular place, not with the amount of hair we left behind. It was like a snow scene LOL


He’s also a PAT dog, Pets as Therapy and used to visit an old peoples home, we had great fun squeezing him into the lift. Not! Neither is he the easiest dogs to walk, mainly due to the fact everyone wants to either make a fuss of him or take his photo. His other claim to fame was earning money for the Dogs Trust alongside a Mastiff on guess the weight of Ace.


That was another achievement, getting him on the scales LOL These days he likes nothing more than lazing around the kitchen, or catching his tail on fire on the range. That’s a real problem having such a large dog wagging his tail by a naked flame  LOL




in the wilderness
in the wilderness

26th Jan


What a wonderful weekend I had, Saturday busy editing the follow up to promises. Very pleased with the pre order sales they have gone better than any of us thought!



Sunday up bright and early decided to take advantage of the dry morning so went for a walk with my 2 Alaskan Malamutes, was dry but windy. fine weather didn't last long by lunch time it was drizzling again. My daughter & I enjoyed a nice treat and had a pub lunch together. she's in the last trimester of her pregnancy & has all the symptoms that brings swollen ankles the lot !! Very exciting times ahead with the new arrival on its way & a book out 1st of March things are pretty hectic !!




Aberavon beach
Drago in mid flight


Monday 13th Jan


Weekend flew buy, had a great walk sunday to clear away the cobwebs. for once the rain held of just enough to give the dogs a good run as you can see.

11th Jan 2014


Okay, had a brill afternoon down in Cardiff Bay, had lunch out, although I'll not mention the place. I was very lucky to get up to go to the loo when I did, because as I stood and moved, a fork dropped down from  overhead, I was nanoseconds from being pierced LOL It stabbed the table and bounced across.  Health and Safety at that particular place is sooooo not cool. Especially when I cut my arm going to said loo on the wall which had a chunk of concrete sticking out. And yes I complained, the young lad eventually finished laughing, and I kept my two fingered salute and my tip in my bag.

And no its not a dive, but a rather presentable looking place
overlooking the bay. One in future I will visit with hard hat and a
whole list of risk assessments. LOL

Anyway reason for visit? To see the delicious Jason Donnavon star in the show Priscilla Queen of the Desert. And it didn't disappoint, absolutly brilliant. Had a fab seat, and bearing in mind I suffer vertigo, I coped, lucky we were in the back row so didn't have to slither down the aisle. All in all a good day out, and met some lovely ladies on the
train on the way back, as you do, and they are now converted Ellen March fans.


LOL Sorry a few drinks and could't resist pushing my books

7th Jan 2014


Just a short note about the photo on the back of Promises coming out on the 1st March. It was taken at Aviemore in Scotland, the lake in the distance is Loch Morlich. We stayed in a chalet for the annual sled racing, and it was absolutely beautiful. The dog in the picture is one of my five Alaskan Malamutes, Taryn. And along with Leanne’s Skye, are the first two bitches in the UK to achieve their WPD.


Working Pack Dog Title. To earn this Leanne and myself undertook a 30 mile back pack on the Brecon Beacons, dogs are weighed and certified by a vet. ( to be honest think I should be certified for doing it LOL) They carry 30% of their own weight and the entire trip to be on natural terrain, I also took along my boy Drago who’s usually found curled on a chair watching TV.


So it was a bit of a shock to his system LOL. We had fun working up to this trip, obviously its not something you can just up and do, both dogs and humans need to be fit enough to undertake the trek and the weight’s on the back pack gradually built up.




Since then her daughter Tegan has also earned the proud achievement, although this time I did 4 x 10 mile trips, and Taryn came along to support her daughter. One of the nicest walks we had was in Brechfa Forest in West Wales, stunning beauty and so remote it was unbelievable. Also a great cycling trail if there are any budding hard riders out there.




Anyway I thought I’d share that piece of trivial information with you. LOL But for those of you who buy Promises, this is the story of the back cover.





2nd Jan 2014


Cant believe it here we are in 2014 !! Where did the months go !!!

Happy New Year to all

23rd Decemeber


God I sound like scrooge, its official I hate Xmas.

The cost, the fuss, the endless queues striving for the elusive present.
Arguing with air india sitting at the end of the line. They're totally
oblivious to the need to get that particular item delivered. No
sympathy, nothing. A slanging match relieves my tension, but it doesn't
get me any closer to my goal.

I haven't even trimmed up yet. And I blame the cat for that. The first
and only time I'd paid out for stunning fibre optic lights for my Xmas
tree. I discovered she'd clawed through each and every one, just
unfortunate she hadn't electrocuted herself. We can but hope. I sound
sick, but not as sick as the turkeys strutting around in the field by
me. I 'm so tempted to make a tunnel, help them to escape. The great
Turkey run. Do you see what Xmas has done to me? No longer calm, instead
my whole personna has been taken over by someone I don't know anymore.

Anyway rant over, pills dropped, my shopping list written. And top of it
is said turkey I wanted to help escape. I've got double standards I
realize that. Jeez I'm sad, but look on the bright side, by boxing day
the whole fiasco will be over. We can learn to breathe, to live again.
Until that fateful night hedges closer.

The one we women all love to hate, its called New Years Eve  where the
slobs of men use it as an excuse to kiss and grope while we use it as an
excuse to throw up. To slap at the randy octogenrians that try it on,
that think they're immune to a whack. Like not!!!!!!!!!!!!

So anyway, may I wish you all a Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year. See I
am trying.

Even if I don't mean it.

26th Nov


Well its been printed a few books have gone out for review and this is the first one I have had back. Its from a lovely lady called April.


Promises by Ellen March is an erotic romance with some of the hottest sex scenes I have ever read in a book. I mean really, they are out of this world! There is never a dull moment between Alex and Solomon.


Either they are screwing each other senseless, or close to throttling each other out of anger. The passion is all consuming, making this book a page turner!

This book will not disapoint fans of erotic romance! 5 ***** stars!

Read the review in full @ goodreads





24th Nov


Okay calling all you Doctor Who fans. Its officially the 50th anniversay
today. Don't you just love the Daleks, think they are my favourite
baddies. And best of all anyone can take the DWE, that's the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay where its filmed. Just down the road from me and another subtle hint of how Wales is on the map LOL oh and of course Torchwood I loved that programme and its sexy leading man John Barrowman. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been checking Promises on the various sites and its attracting a
large audience, so lets keep fingers crossed when its release date comes they'll all buy it. I do love the characers especailly Solomon, could do with a man like that in my life as well and poor Alexandra has the mother we'd all love to hate. But I was so pleased to see how she's come through evolving into the strong woman that Sol always knew she was. She just needed that bit of confidence to believe in herself, and his love of course.

Anyway getting excited now about His Girl Friday, which is the next one coming out from Fanny Press. My ugly ducking that turns into a truly beautiful swan.


Watch this space.



15th Nov


Well its arrived, my front cover of Promises and I absolutly adore it,
seriously hot sexy and sooo classy. I can't wait for its official
release date of 1st March 2014, and for all you out there that don't
know it I reckon its an omen. Because that date is the Welsh patron
saint of Wales St Davids Day, it couldn't have come out at a better
time, and of course March as in the month and name.

Spookie or what?

I can't tell you how excited I am to be working with Catherine and Emily of Fanny Press and look forward to My Man Friday which is next up.

So watch this space.

Welcome to the ramblings of Ellen



10th Nov


Putting the final touches to a book thats coming out next year, so very excited. Will tell you more as soon as the info is available, but watch this space !!



1st Nov


So the clocks have gone back, its seems so much darker in the evenings and the mornings so much harder to get out of bed !!


Also the dreaded bonfire night coming up, I do wish people would be more considerate. Why do they feel the need to let off a solitary firework every now and then grrr !! It fightens the life out of everyone and most dogs blooming hate it. Personally I could think of so many better ways to spend my money.



18th October


Hi everyone, fancy a £5 Amazon voucher have a look at this.




Yes ask me a question, and it may be yours.






14th October


Arggg Christmas doesnt it seem to get earlier every year. I love christmas but why do we have to have it rammed down out throats every which way. I feel sorry for families with young children being bombarded by adverts for the latest gadget and toy !!


I am far from scrooge, but please lets try and keep christmas special and bring back the magic that it once held.



1st October


Here we are again first of the month, summer seems to be a distant memory !! Nights are drawing in so fast and the leaves seem to be falling as fast. My diet has fallen by the way side too busy working writing & with family at the minute :)


Speaking of family theres a new addition arriving soon, not mine I might add *lol* but its something for us all to look forward to.



17th September


Okay two weeks on from my diet and what can I say. I've kept to it,
cried over my loss of crisps, glared at all the vodka adverts wishing it
were me and for what? For days I've stuck with salad veg and eggs,
ignored the cakes that have appeared for some idiots birthday in the
office. Stopped from eating chips, in fact taken every delight away from
my life.

And for what?

To get on the goddamn scales and discover not one bloody pound had move. Not a smidget of the dial, it stayed exactly where it was last week.
Why? Why I ask myself have I put myself through this? I haven't cheated,

I've starved and gone without and still no weight loss. God I ask what
is it you want off me????????????? Especially when a silf like stick
insect in work mentions she's lost five pounds by giving up lunch. Hell,
I've given up a damn sight more than that! Bitch!!!!

Anyway, I'm trying to calm down ignoring the  legion of diet food in the
cupboard along with the healthy tablets that swear to clean you out.
(yep that's true, but you still dont' lose any weight) along with pills
that aid weight loss all herbal of course.  Well let me tell you the
only pounds I lost was what was handed over the counter at said health shop.

Sorry for my rant, I am now giving up alcohol and joining the samaritons for councilling. I wil let you know next week if I've lost weight as per the scales or if it has indeed turned into a frizzbee. Or on the other hand I thought f**ck it and got blinding drunk. As it happens I've already cracked and had a packet of crisps so watch this space LOL





9th September


So excited my final book of my trilogy it doing really well and after
only coming out on Friday.  One Night in Heaven has made number two in the top ten on RR site, Escorting Sydney back on number one spot and Shadow Play bringing up a very respectable fourth, away to go Doms of

Also within 24 hrs Heaven has shot straight in at 22k in the Amazon UK bestsellers rank.  Keep it up Zander LOL



1st September


Pinch punch its the first of the month, cant believe how fast the summer has gone. The days are lovely and warm but you cant help but notice the cooler nights are stepping in and we are loosing the light earlier. Oh well the long dark nights will give me more time to pen some more books :)


When you have a minute please check out all about me with K.D. Grace






26th August


Well starting my diet tomorrow, this is I think my tenth attempt so far
this year. If everything I loved was good for you or low calorie, then I
wouldn't have a problem. It doesn't help that my husband can eat like a horse. Unfortunately I just happen to look like one, a shire horse  LOL
I say to myself you can't have everything. Maybe if I used that philosophy to food I wouldn't have a weight issue. So anyway just stocked up on all the slimming sh*t, er I mean food thats
good for you. Low cal soups, crispbreads, cottage cheese (that I just
hate!) Got a good stock of crabs, I mean the one you eat. Also chicken
and veg. So will let you know the result next week. Oh and the worse
thing is I'm giving up my beloved  vodka. That shows this is serious.
Anyway pigging out tonight, tomorrow will be the first day of my new life.

I hope!!!!!!!




20th August


Wow great Evening for Welsh lad Sam Evans winning Big Brother. Sam from Llanelli wins a hundred thousand pounds. Sam who has 80% hearing loss showed he was a real gent in the house.


He told a packed press conference that hes giving 25% of his winnings to charity & 25% to his friends and family. The remaining money will go towards his future. What a lovely Welsh lad :-)



16th August


Well exciting weekend for welsh sports fans, tomorrow that dishy Nathan Cleverly is defending his world title for the 6th time against a Russion fighting in Cardiff. Sergai? can't pronouce his name, only thing I can spell in Russian is Vodka LOL  Its nice to see a boxer with brains as well as brawn. He's apparantly very good with maths, think he's got a degree in in it?


Personally I still stick to a calculator and my fingers, figures I'm useless with figures.


Then secondly comes the footy news Cardiff City debut against West Ham, and our Swans Swansea against Man United. Its all kicking off tomorrow.

Slightly different it was brilliant to see the two Welsh brothers
Richard and Adam have been signed up by Sony
for their classical Impossible Dream, I heard them and the shivers they
inspire (and got to say not of a sexual nature LOL) were

Come on Wales, and yes I am patriotic LOL




6th August


Lovely review from Amazon cheered me up.

I found this book a bit on the dark side a few twists and turns,but loved it. Couldn't put it down as I wanted to know what was happened next.Nothing like  the 1st book in the series but a lot better......For such a small girl she is 1 tough lady, can't wait for the 3rd book that should be out at the end of the month will defiantly be recommending this book to my friend.Thanks Elen for another fab book.



5th August

Roll on the cooler weather, I don't know what's bitten me but its nasty and right on my hip. Think it could be a sneaky horse fly, but still trying to work out how it got to that spot. Thats the problem with this weather it fetches a host of flying nasties. I really don't know how the hotter countries cope.There's a lot to be said about soggy Wales. Although to be fair in Cefn Cribwr where I live we generally have a variety of differing climes. Its either rain,wind or a thick fog that rolls off the sea and climbs up. Its a regular Brigadoon, and disappears in the mist.



4th August

Well it was strange reading an article in a magazine about Danni Minogue
and seeing my old home town of Maesteg where her mother hails from. Just goes to show the talent that comes out of a little mining town. LOL Wonder if she'd like to read about Sydney, or maybe Kylie???  Hmmmm off to some dream time.



2nd August


Roll on the cooler weather, I don't know what's bitten me but its nasty and right on my hip. Think it could be a sneaky horse fly, but still trying to work out how it got to that spot. Thats the problem with this weather it fetches a host of flying nasties. I really don't know how the hotter countries cope.
There's a lot to be said about soggy Wales. Although to be fair in Cefn Cribwr where I live we generally have a variety of differing climes. Its either rain, wind or a thick fog that rolls off the sea and climbs up. Its a regular Brigadoon, and disappears in the mist.



31st July

Well it was strange reading an article in a magazine about Danni Minogue and seeing my old home town of Maesteg where her mother hails from. Just goes to show the talent that comes out of a little mining town. LOL Wonder if she'd like to read about Sydney, or maybe Kylie???  Hmmmm off to some dream time.



27th July

Well the rain has arrived here in south wales, I must admit its a welcome relief. I do hope though that the summer returns, will be such a shame if that was it !!  However at least we had some summer this year !!



25th July

Well had a right scare last night, a Staffordshire bull terrier got into  our neighbours chickens, one was left in the coop in shock, the cockerel wedged between the walls and the rest fled. Thankfully it appeared to be playing more than going if for the kill. Felt so sorry for them, but by some miracle they dodged our resident foxes in the fields behind and returned home. A few feathers missing, but alive. And where were my brave guard dogs, slept through it all LOL Typical


23rd July


Well first day of the Royal Welsh show today, and what fab weather for it, cos it usually rains at Builth Wells so a refreshing change. Its the best show in the UK and my favourite day has got to be the Welsh Cobs, they are awesome, watching them thunder around the ring takes my breath away, how those handlers keep up I don't know. Jeez they've got to be fit. No wonder I stick to my Malamutes.


18th July

Will today be the day that Kate has her bab?, Don't envy her. But nice to
see she's not too posh to push like a lot of people. Read somewhere she's opting for a drug free birth, think she'll change her mind. I still remember fighting with the doctor to give me everything I wanted total numbness, to hell with a natural birth. My idea of natural is to be drugged up so high you don't care if you're giving birth to an elephant LOL



11th July

Well just heard its going to be the hottest day tomorrow, so I'm conducting operation Malamute. Keeping the five of them cool, bulk shopping for paddling pools, gazebo set up to keep them in the shade. And my fridge full of special doggy ice lollies recipe courtesy of my friend Leanne. Maybe I'll even join them, with a nice cold can of lager. I know its fattening, but its hot, at least that's my excuse and a glass of water doesn't quite do it for me. 


7th July

Tongiht I lost a character from the second in my trilogy Wolfsong Requiem, and thankfully my husband was in the other room, because I cried my eyes out. How do you explain that your'e hysterical over someone that doens't exist? Unfortunatley he does to me, as do all my characters, I love and live with them experience every part of their lives and even their deaths. Writing isn't lonely, in fact it can get quite crowded



5th July

Well heard Summer coming on the weekend, decided to
check out some of my wardrobe, didn't fit. Got on the scales that speaks to you and when it shouted for crowd control I knew I was in serious trouble.
Okay think I'm way past our Sydney in the weight stakes. Trouble is everything that is alcoholic or fattening slides down my throat LOL My biggest problem is that I don't care!!!! 
Is that an age thing I tend to wonder?


3th july

My next book shadow play is coming out any day now just waiting for the exact day :)

Two people, two damaged paths, two halves coming together. He swears to heal every splintered piece of pain with a loving kiss. Bound to her by unspoken chains.
But can he put the past aside long enough to forgive himself?


Want more watch this space..................





2nd July

Well I'm excitedly awaiting book two of the Doms of Drakos, starring our devestatingly handsome and dark Dominic along with his devils, but the woman he meets only adds to his problems. I loved writing this
book with twists turns and a possy of tears. And needless to say my delectable
Sydney and her beloved Logan  will be making their appearance LOL





29th June

Today was my first time to be asked for an
autograph, really surreal, especially as it was from a member of the armed
forces. Personally I think it should have been the other way around. I should
have asked for his. Way to go Lynsey Creber, keep safe always., You're doing Wales and your country proud as is every member of the forces..


Also checked the Amazon Ranks, not sure how they
work, but went in last week at 80 odd thousand and this morning sitting on
number 15k placing.. Think its good, but not sure. I'll have to ask someone more experienced than me, which could mean the entire universe LOL




27the June:

Well today its finally happened, my claim to fame I'm in the paper along with Sydney. I was feeling really nervous waiting for it. I couldn't remember what I'd said and preyed I wouldn't come across as a gibbering idiot and that the reporter didn't decide to use his own interpretation. Only thing I didn't like was my photo, my friend that took it said he didn't have enough time to air brush me thinner. Thanks!!!!  So pleased how Sydney is going because I really can relate to her about the weight issue.




26th June:

Facebook and Twitter now up and running, have to get used to tweeting and twerping!



25th June:

Website will be going live in a few days better fill up the content, so guys if your reading this please send me your questions.



24th June:

Interviewed today by a local newspaper my story is going to be in the paper, hope its a good story!



21st June:

book is now for sale om Ravenous romance wow its book of the day amazing seeing this in print have to pinch myself !! 



19th June: 

Twitter feed is up and running day 1 NO followers lol hoping that will grow ! Ravenous have dropped a bomb shell that the book is coming out on Thursday panic stations arggggg #nervous # excited





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