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What's a man to do when he discovers his sexy bed partner is the bounty hunter he's to work with, enjoy the benefits?

Only an idiot enters the Sampa, a wild place alive with vicious humanoids. Draven knows he's all kinds of fool to be coerced by his vampire partner Silvania to cross it. She's a beautiful blonde bounty hunter assisting him in bringing down a group of renegade killers.

He detests everything about her, except her body, one that he enjoyed before discovering she was his new partner. He decides to mix business with pleasure and soon finds he's in danger of losing his heart.

But any chance of happiness is snatched away at the revelation of his family's dark secret, one that will tear them apart.

Wolfe out now !!

Eleri discovers accidentally killing a powerful demon’s son opens up all kinds of opportunities, mainly meeting her soul mate.



When hapless witch Eleri attempts a banishing spell she accidentally kills the son of high ranking demon Vine. Forced to flee her island home Eleri finds herself working for politician Frank Curtis where she meets up with sexy bodyguard Wolfe. Eleri realizes that he is the soul mate of her dreams. He wants her body, but she intends taking his heart. However when she attracts the unwelcome attention of Columbian drug lords Wolfe is forced to fight for her. Can he keep the crazy witch safe from harm, along with the threat of evil demon Vine when he discovers her whereabouts?

Working undercover Rune Masters is determined to track down the vampires on a killing spree. Rescuing Jessalyn Chambers from a car crash he discovers her destination is Caprice, the BDSM club he runs. Strangely drawn to her he makes the rare decision to be her Dom for the weekend. He suspects she witnessed the slaughter at the nearby drive through, and when an attempt is made on her life is convinced she’s a target, and he swears to protect her. However Jessalyn can’t believe it when she discover her lover is a vampire, they don’t exist do they?

When Jessalyn Chambers is given a birthday surprise little does she realize it will change her life forever.

Rune Masters works undercover whilst running a BDSM club. Rescuing Jessalyn Chambers from a car crash he discovers she’s booked into Caprice and makes the rare decision to be her Dom. However she witnessed a killing and someone wants her dead. He swears to protect her, but are Runes powers enough to keep her safe?

Available now !!!

Raven is convinced she’s hallucinating when she meets her guardian fairy, Elspeth, and crude angel Troy. Sacked from her job, Raven drools over the stunning Greylan, who offers her a position. Her PA status is about to get very personal.



Greylan is determined to discover the identity of the slayer that threatens his island home. He has sworn to protect his people, and as the Dragon King he can do no less. Discovering Raven is from a line of dragon slayers he is convinced she is the one, and kidnaps her. However Greylan finds himself fighting not just for his island but for Raven



Lyric discovers nothing is what it seems on Coral island, least of all its inhabitants, one wants to love her, the other destroy her.




Lyric Tereau decides to study a subject close to her heart, one that she has a talent for. As a sex therapist. But never in her wildest dreams does she envisage the life changing experience she is about to undertake. Along with her vampire lover who is driven to save her.






Arriving on Coral Island Lyric discovers a world she never knew existed. Between the hot vampire Quest and wicked werelion Chaya she is in sexual heaven. But there is something that intends spoiling her fun. Lyrics presence has awakened an evil entity; the taking of her soul its target.


Only Quest stands in the way, but will his powers be enough to save her. Recalling the words that he’d fall in love, giving his heart, only to have his love snatched from him. That he’d face an eternity of pain, and Quest fears they are about to come true.



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